16 Weeks

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Rainbow baby is the term for a baby after the loss of a previous child. It is the understanding that a rainbow’s beauty does not negate the ravages of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it doesn’t mean that the storm never happened or that the family is not still dealing with its aftermath. What it means is that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and clouds.

I feel you now baby, little flutters and tickles every once in a while. I’ve felt your soul since the very beginning, but feeling your movement is such a relief. I even bought a doppler and though I don’t use it often or for very long, every time I hear the flutter of your heartbeat it soothes those jagged places that still exist in side of me.

Baby, you are so strong. The beginning of this pregnancy was just like the last, but you held on, charged through. When I thought you were lost, you waved to me as if to say, “I’m right here Mom, don’t worry.” But I do. I worry all of the time. I love you so much, I want you so fiercely that I worry every day. With every nudge you reassure me, though and I am no longer gripped in fear all of the time. I understand your strength and it helps me be strong, too. I have so many hopes for you, and I can’t wait to meet you.

I love you, Baby. Bigger than the moon.

16 Weeks

Snapshot Saturday


My ray of hope.
My reason to keep trying.
My first, but not my only.

Snapshot Saturday

Even When It’s Not Right

I love pregnancy. I love birth and babies, breastfeeding, parenting — all of it. If there is one thing I have complete confidence in myself in, it’s being a mother. I love my daughter so much that it doesn’t matter how many mistakes I make or how much I still have to learn, I know that I am doing my absolute best every single day and that she’ll never doubt that she is loved. That matters to me more than anything. This role feels so absoutely right to me that I don’t doubt it’s what I am meant to do. Since losing this baby, I’m starting to feel the one thing I never did before, and the one thing I never wanted to associate with motherhood.


I am afraid to get pregnant, not because I don’t want to, but because I want it more than I ever have. And now, I am afraid it will get taken away again. I am afraid to start trying, my excitement replaced with trepidation and anxiety. Things I never worried about, something that I lived for just a few short months ago, is tainted now. Change in life is unavoidable. I know that someday I will see a beautiful round belly and I won’t ache to fill my own. That I’ll see a squishy little face and be content with gobbling up it’s cheeks and then waving good bye. That’s the natural rythmn to life, and that’s fine. I never wanted to fear it though, and that’s where I am stuck.

Nothing will change this, I could have 100 healthy babies and I know that I will still have the same sense of dread in my heart that something will go wrong. This is my truth now, and this is my attempt at acceptance. The fear I had before of loss wasn’t real, wasn’t tangible like it is now. I thought I was afraid of it, but I was niave and honestly never thought it would happen to me. I had a healthy pregnancy, a relatively uncomplicated labor, and a beautiful baby girl. Why wouldn’t that just be the way it went again? Who knows why, but it wasn’t. And I’m here in the aftermath, putting pieces back together and tossing those that no longer fit. And through it all I find these lyrics floating around my brain, reassuring me that fear is ok, pain is ok, I am ok.

Just because it burns doesn’t mean you’re gonna die, you gotta get up and try and try and try…

Even When It’s Not Right

The Beginning of the End

“There’s no heart beat, I’m sorry.”

What do you say to that, how do you respond to I’m sorry? When everything slows down and you look at your husband and see his face crumble? When you watch dreams he didn’t even realize he had die? You say, “It’s ok.” And it is, but it isn’t. You say, “We’ll be ok.” because you will, but you aren’t. If you are me you stroke a picture on a screen, gently whisper “Goodbye, baby.” and turn it around. You have to be strong. Because there is no heartbeat. Because you lost it.

Now there are plates full of half eaten food, doorbells and green flashing lights that lead to another “I’m sorry,” you don’t want to hear. There are tears in eyes and close hugs but all I want are deep sheets and for it to start. For it to end. Even though the pregnancy is over my job is not done, I have to be strong, have to be brave.

Sitting in my living room, in the same spot we didn’t hear the heartbeat I say aloud the worst fear I have. “Will it look like a baby?”

“It might.”

It might…

The Beginning of the End

Coming This Fall


She ate two biscuits before I could get these shots.

Once I cried, “No! Stop eating the baby!”

Welcome to real life.

Coming This Fall

My Droid Enables My Pregnancy Addiction

I currently have three pregnancy-related apps on my phone. I wanted to show you this so I had to google “how to get screenshots of your droid” to learn how and apparently it’s not a simple app and it involved a guide and YouTube video. BECAUSE DROID USERS ARE SMART NERDS AND ENJOY A CHALLENGE, MOTHER FUCKER. Anyway, so apparently it was WAY more steps than I was willing to take. Droid Developers, if you’re reading this, get on that shit. I am tired of gloating, hipster iPhone users. Thanks. Ahem… where was I?

Oh yeah, preggo apps.

I have one called My Days which is more of a family planning/period tracker calendar tool. It has so many awesome features that really help when you have no idea how to do that shit. You can set your cycle, input when it begins and ends, keep track of when you had sex, make notes, it’s very comprehensive. Awesome fact I didn’t know until I started writing this blog, it was developed by a guy who promised his wife to develop something awesome for her to use on her android phone. Awww factor = 10


Mom 2 Be is a countdown app/widget that calculates from your estimated conception date, gives you an estimated due date (I am not a big fan of due dates people, too many look at it as an expiration date when it’s nothing more than an ESTIMATE.) your pregnancy age, time remaining, approximate weight, length, and expected zodiac sign. It has a “tips” section that tells you a little about what happens during the week your on and a journal feature so you can make notes. It also has a widget that gives you a quick view of progress. I like it because it’s small and concise.


My favorite though, has to be Pregnancy Assistant. This app and widget will count from your expected due date or from the first day of your last period using an estimation for the average ovulation according to your cycle. It has two categories, Your Child and Your Pregnancy and gives all of the average estimations, tips, details, count downs and dates, but also pictures, on the app and the widget. For some reason, that makes me like it most.


Unrelated… I can’t stand people who bitch about the word preggo. It’s easier to say and type when you are constantly talking about pregnancy. Like you smug bastards don’t use short or slang versions of words, assholes.

I think the best way to find good apps is by word of mouth, so do any of you guys have apps that you love? They don’t have to be pregnancy related, either. Here’s my top 5 for you.

1. FxCamera (Video Review)

2. Slacker

3. Twitter

4. WordPress

5. ShapeWriter

My Droid Enables My Pregnancy Addiction