Buying A House with Carol J Wilson: A Horror Story

The Hub and I bought a new home. Instead of being the happy experience it should have been, it was horrible, immensely stressful, and very discouraging. Forgive the formal tone, but I feel like I needed to make sure the story is shared.

Our Recent Buyers Experience with Carol J Wilson of Wilson & Associates Real Estate Services was from start to finish, a nightmare to say the least. The house was a foreclosure with a horror story history involving over 350 cats, more than 10 hooved animals and an unknown amount of dogs living in and around the 2,600 sq ft house and .18 acre lot. All of the cats resided in the house and had obviously peed and sprayed everywhere. The outlets are so full of cat urine crystals that they all need to be replaced, the entire house needs repainted with special paint, and although the carpets are new, the floors were not sealed so the carpet needs to be pulled up. Then, the floors need to be sealed with a special sealer and the pads replaced since the smell has soaked into them. The tiles are cracked and falling apart in the master bathroom which has led to water seeping through and black mold growth on the upstairs subfloor. Some very significant components of the home were vandalized and needed repair before the house would be habitable again. This is only a fraction of the repairs that need to be done to the house, including exterior grading and even gutter issues.

Once our bid was accepted we had our walk through with our agent, where we discovered many things, including black mold in the master bathroom. The tiles were cracked and just laid back down on the floor; they were not adhered to the floor in anyway. Once our home inspection completed, we requested repairs from the seller through their agent, Carol J. Wilson. We received professional quotes for these repairs and submitted them. On behalf of the seller, Carol J. Wilson counter offered with half of our original requested amount and consented to letting us do the repairs, and taking the amount off of the total price of the house. It was only half what we needed but we wanted the house and accepted. Once that approval was given, we then began doing some of the repairs on the house, per a verbal agreement with Carol J. Wilson. We started sealing and painting various rooms in the house that were most affected by the cats with the proper paint to seal the walls. When Carol J. Wilson saw the colors of the paint that we used to seal the walls, she became irate. She also told our lender that we had altered the tiles in the bathroom, but that she had “fixed” them by putting them back in place. In this act, we strongly believe that Carol J. Wilson was intentionally covering up the fact that there was black mold on the floor. She placed these tiles on top of the floor just before the appraiser came through and verbally told us that if certain other items “look like they are operational, the appraiser won’t notice” which would not require the selling agent to pay for repairing them. As the buyers, we were uncomfortable with all of this but, again, we just wanted to buy a home for our family and really liked this one.

After she saw the sealed walls, she contacted our agent and our lender and threatened to pull the deal, which was in breach of contract at that point in the process. She was shouting at our agent and her conduct was anything but professional. After threatening to break contract, she informed us that the seller was NOT going to pay for any repairs, and that they were bringing the price back up to the original amount, again, breaking contract. Although we have a written agreement from Carol J. Wilson stating the above with regards to repairs, she had never had the bank sign it and thus claimed it to be void. This entire process took almost a week to hash out and at this point we were only days away from our inspection, so we decided to wait out the inspection and see what was called out.

Our inspection was with Richard Krizo through Pacific Appraisal who was scheduled to be at the house at 8 am. Wanting to be present at the appraisal, I waited over an hour for him to show up, but he did not. Multiple attempts were made to reach him before and after the appointment time, and no response was given. We contacted his office and left messages on voicemail, email, and by speaking to individuals in his office for 2 weeks and still received no response. The inspection noted no urgent issues, just mild things like the grading issue, and left out or erroneously reported on many conditions of the house. I would not recommend this appraiser to anyone. The appraiser took exactly the amount of days they were given to get their report back to us which pushed our closing date since the selling agent, Carol J. Wilson, took so long to get documents to our lender. The mold was not noted or even seen and we believe that this is the case because Carol J. Wilson placed the broken tiles on top of it to hide it. Screens were not on any of the windows but Richard Krizo did not note this, along with many other issues that should have been noted. In doing all of this, Richard Krizo disregarded the VA Appraisal Guidelines in many areas and is in conflict with what is required for his appraisal and a VA loan.

Once we got the appraisal report back we again pursued the issue of the repairs request, but were only 6 business days from our closing date. When in contract, if for any reason contract fails to close on the closing date, the contract is void and the process must be restarted. At this point, we were in danger of losing the house all together because of the actions of Carol J. Wilson, as she continued to be unprofessional and confrontational towards our agent, yelling at her and threatening to pull the deal (again in breach of contract). The seller had requested we use an out of town Escrow Company to minimize fees, and we accepted. The escrow company they chose ended up charging us MORE in fees and forced our lender to do extra work in order to get the company to work with us. Our lender requested an extension due to not having enough time to get the paper work through, due to having an out of town escrow company that would require fed-ex for everything. We requested an extension on the contract so that we would not lose the house. The addendum Carol J. Wilson sent back to us allowing us to extend also contained the stipulation that seller pay NO repairs and the sale price would remain at the original figure, which we were against and is what we were fighting to keep. This was also against what Carol J. Wilson stated in writing in regards to having the seller pay for a portion of the repairs. Knowing that we would not close in time if we pursued the issue, we were left with either the choice to accept the stipulation and move forward or deny it and risk losing the house. We chose to move forward. Carol J. Wilson was deceiving and unethical from the very beginning of the process, starting with her claims about the escrow fees if we went with the company she wanted to, intentionally hiding health issues such as black mold with no concern for the health risks to us or our one year old daughter, having us sign addendums but not having the seller sign them so they weren’t locked to the agreement as well, and by coercing us into agreeing to her terms or losing the house.

I would in no way recommend Carol J. Wilson as a real estate agent, and if I were ever to have to associate with her again, I would look into employing legal counsel as well.

We had our final walk through tonight, to make sure that the house was in the same condition as when we agreed to purchase it. The tiles in the master bath were glued back down to the floor, completely and INTENTIONALLY hiding the fact that there was mold. That is illegal and fraudulent.

Buying A House with Carol J Wilson: A Horror Story

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