366 Days

Dear Emi,

You turned one this month. 366 days old. I almost said ‘You were born on a leap year, you are special,” but you are not special, my lovely little baby girl, no one is. But you are you, you are unique and you are one of a kind. This isn’t extraordinary, it’s simply a truth. You are as unique as your fingerprints, seemingly just like everyone else, but different in so many small ways. It’s important that you understand this someday, Baby, so I will tell you now, and tomorrow, and next month; over and over until it seeps into your bones. You are you, and you absolutely own it.


Who are you right now? Right now, you are STRONG and you are fearless. You scream with powerful lungs, smile so big I can see it in your toes. You climb anything that stays stationary long enough to get a foot hold, you hang and you crawl and you run and you fall, but you always get up. You are fierce, you give a look that could strike down a giant when you’re angry, and you refuse to give up. You WILL get or do whatever it is you want, or you will make sure everyone knows just how displeased you are. You are surprisingly soft, your little body melting into my arms usually only when I need it most. You guide me Emi, you show me the way to being a better human. You have taught me how to accept and love unconditionally; there is literally nothing you could do to take away my love.  You are funny and inquisitive; you’ve surprised me so much with your wit and your sense of humor. And when you laugh, it drowns my soul in happiness. Most of all, baby girl, you are capable. You just started walking, but you’ve been mobile from birth. You still don’t talk but anyone who knows you can understand exactly what you are communicating. You not only want, but you DO and you don’t stop until you’ve reached your goal or someone removes you from the situation. You have the spirit of a warrior baby, just like your daddy, just like I hoped. You cry when you are sad, and as often as I can I try to assure you that your tears are ok, that your feelings are valid, and that I empathize. You are still undefined, though, and who you are and who you will be is always evolving.  So grow, Baby, learn and change and fall and cry and laugh and live every second as fully as you do now.

I love you. More than the stars, bigger than the moon, more endless than the universe, I love you.

I am so proud to be your Mama.

Happy first year, Emilia Rose.

366 Days

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