6OL Challenge Day 6

I generally hate Monday’s. My daughter gets used to the weekend and refuses to go to bed at a reasonable time, then sleeps terribly all night. Since we bed share, this means I sleep even worse. The only good that came out of last night is that I slept so little my hair stayed flat and nice. In fact, The Hub so lovingly commented on this, saying, “Why does your hair look normal?” So points for not having to style my hair from scratch today.




Basic Items(3): Black dress pants, White t-shirt, Blanket sweater

Accessories: Black vest

Jewelry: Long chain necklace with pearl accents

Shoes: Black, saddle-shoe-looking pumps

So, I really love that blanket sweater. It’s warm enough to wear as a coat and comfortable. Maybe you guys haven’t noticed yet, but comfort is important to me. I will totally sacrifice it for a cute look, but it’s something I do look for in my day-to-day outfits. It’s cold here in the mornings but warm in the afternoon so layers are a must. That hairstyle is what I am going to call pillow-chic.  

And if you are side-eyeing me for wearing a vest and calling it an accessory, stop and think about it. Except for back in my super slutty high school days, when would I ever wear a vest without anything else?

You guys are quiet out there in comment land, you making it all the way to the end of these?

6OL Challenge Day 6

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