6OL Challenge Day 3

Today I tried to be fancy. I feel that since people are actually reading these posts regularly, I owe it to you to put some effort into this. I even did my make-up (a smokey eye)! So here is my casual Friday look for work.

Basic Items (3): Skinny Jeans, Tank top, Blazer

Accessories: None

Jewelry: Layered Necklace

Shoes: Over the Knee Motorcycle Boots

 The blazer I chose for the challenge is one I bought years ago and never wear because I’m intimidated by it. It’s a mock tuxedo jacket in a satin-type material, so it doesn’t scream “every day use”, but I think it looks cute with these jeans. And if you swap out the boots for some heels, it’d be perfect for going out.

So what do you guys think? Be honest, does the jacket work or is it silly? Anyone else trying the challenge?

6OL Challenge Day 3

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