6OL Challenge Day 2

This challenge is really hard when 1. you have no style sense, 2. you have no clothes, and 3. you have no time. You’d think it would help the no time thing out, having less clothes, but now I just have to think about it more. How can I make these pants look different from the last time I wore them? Would it be weird to wear the same sweater two days in a row? How the hell do you accessorize?

I guess by definition it is supposed to be challenging, though.

So here’s todays outfit:

Basic Items: Black dress pants, black tshirt, white sweater

Accessories: None

Jewelry: Long, multi-pearl necklace

Shoes: Ballet flats

A simple, quick outfit that’s work appropriate and still comfortable. I wanted to pair it with a brightly colored, thin belt around the waist,  but I don’t own one so that’s out.  Being such a simple outfit I tried to use the necklace to dress it up a bit more. Not sure if it worked, but can’t blame a girl for trying!

6OL Challenge Day 2

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