Hi, my name is Melanie and I hoard clothes.


A few months ago I started dumping my clothes onto the guest bed until I had time to fold them. I never found that time on my own, (read: avoided the situation) and The Hub had to literally help me dig out of the pile. He then told me I had too many clothes. Guilty. I have clothes I bought in high school, clothes that have no hope of fitting me ever again, bra’s that are FOUR cup sizes too small, socks that I haven’t seen matches to in so long that I know they are matchless before I even start matching socks. I also hoard shoes, and let me tell you, I am ROUGH on shoes. My shoes look years old within months, so hoarding them for years is just sad.   

I think there are a number of factors driving my need to hold onto things. Nostalgia, hope(lessness), insecurity, to name a few. I can’t do it anymore. The Hub and I have recently made some changes in our household that have left me feeling a little more in control of things, and  have also inspired me to DO what I want to do instead of letting fear of failure or embarrassment control me. So here goes nothing, right?

First, I decided to go on a “shopping diet”. The term doesn’t really work for me, as I will be actually purchasing new clothes, but the I am following the 6 item concept. You can read more about it here. Basically, for the next month, I will be wearing only six items of clothing. (Not including undies, shoes, or accessories.) I feel like it’s a good exercise to get me to start mixing things up, making more with less, and figuring out what I really don’t wear or need in my closet. I am also going to slowly replace my wardrobe with more functional, adult clothing.

Tomorrow, I’ll update you on the 6 items I chose and I’ll try to do at least a daily picture post. So, who’s with me? If you want to take on the challenge too leave a comment and let me know. I’m probably going to need some support. Until tomorrow, here are 4 basic items I bought today for my new “dream wardrobe”. I’m still trying to be fiscally responsible so the shirts were no more than $6 and while the jeans would be a splurge, AE is having a sale and I have a gift card so I can justify them.

Basic White T from Wetseal
I have it in black and it’s one of my favorite shirts.


Black Racerback Tank from Wetseal
A simple staple that can work for so many different looks.


Striped Racerback from Wetseal
Still basic enough to be versatile, but a little more fun.


Dark Rinse Hipster Flare Jeans from American Eagle
Nice enough to wear to work with a blazer, but they’re still jeans.


Feedback, encouragement, and support welcomed! 


5 thoughts on “Hoarder

  1. Ciera says:

    This is a great plan! Spare bedroom king size bed, completely covered in clothes, clothes in basket, boxes, etc on the floor, it’s ridiculous! I hardly ever go anywhere so I find myself wearing the same few items continuously. I started going though things the other day and bagging them up for goodwill, haven’t gotten too far yet, but it’s a start! I have been in the “I might wear this or I might lose enough weight to fit into this” state of mind wayyy too long! Love you!

  2. Kacey says:

    I just recently got rid of my stuff. I to had stuff from high school, pre-Jeremiah, etc. I kept telling Jeremy I didn’t have any clothes. He persisted I did because my closet and 2 dressers were full. It took everything I had to get rid off it. I saw a thing on Pintrest were you turn all of your hangers the opposite way of how you usually hang them.when you wear something ( after you wear it) hang it back up the normal way. After 6 months whatever is hung the wrong way get rid of it.. my problem is I lack fashion. I’m a Jeans and t shirt .person . O don’t know how to but

      1. M says:

        I have that problem too, Kacey, but I am to a point where I feel like I deserve better. I used to by clothes because they were cheap, but them I don’t feel confident about them or myself. I don’t have style either, but the internet does! Lol

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