What I Won’t Forget

Today, my beautiful baby girl pulled herself up to standing, all by herself for the first time. I watched the whole process. I saw it because I was paying attention. I have a tree to take down, a mountain of laundry to put away, suitcases to still unpack, and dishes to get done; but instead I watched my baby girl do something for the first time. And moments like this, they are my priorities. It’s January and everyone wants to resolve to do things; better things, more things, smarter things, craftier things, bigger things – not me. My priority is to soak up life. To not miss the moments I’ll never get back, to catch as many firsts and lasts as I can.

Because I won’t regret this.

So I am not super mom. Maybe it makes me a bad wife, too. So my priorities aren’t in line with what others might hope. That’s why they are mine.

A mess can wait, life won’t.

What I Won’t Forget

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