All I Do Is Win Win Win No Matter What

Just when you think I’ve given up, *POW!* right in the kisser…

I know I suck at posting regularly, but hey I try. A few weeks ago the amazing, hilarious, Prom Queen of the Internets, MODG had a Boobie Beanie give away. Well my friends, I happened to WIN, and I wanted to tell you about the beanie because I think it’s absolutely awesome.

Emi wearing her Boobie Beanie.

Firstly, it’s so soft! I expected it to be the normal, scratchy material most knit hats are made of but it’s not unpleasant at all. Emi hates things on her head normally, but she tolerates this pretty well. Second, it’s really warm. We went camping last weekend and with temps dipping into the 40’s Little Miss didn’t even notice. Lastly, it’s a boob! Ha, I just love it!

Obviously this hat makes a statement. To me it says, “You’re worried about the tiny amount of skin and quick flash of nipple I MAY show while I’m feeding my child? Well here you go then.” While I understand not everyone is comfortable with breastfeeding in public, I don’t understand how anyone thinks it’s ok to use their discomfort to make it hard for breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding is NATURAL and it should be normal, if it makes you uncomfortable, LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE. I am not a small chested woman, and it’s a little hard for me to always be super discreet, but if my baby is hungry and I don’t have a way to cover up, you better damn well believe I am going to “whip out” my boob and feed her.

Side note: I HATE that term, there is not one mother out there who WHIPS out her boob to breastfeed. The only time that phrase is even used is when people are trying to justify their feelings about the situation. “I know she’s doing what’s BEST for her baby and her baby shouldn’t have to wait to eat, but I shouldn’t be subjected to someone just whipping out a boob while I am shopping/eating/blahblahblah.”

So hey, you got a post, some boob, and a lecture all in one post! 🙂

All I Do Is Win Win Win No Matter What

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