Instead of Sleeping

Dear Emilia,

You’re nearing two months old now, Honey and I just need to tell you that you’re the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to your dad and me. You’re beautiful and so smart and strong, you’ve completely entranced us. At night I watch you sleep, stealing kisses as I wonder what you’re dreaming and dream of who you’ll be. You flail and toss and turn and stretch all night, I think you’re very anxious to be mobile. You’re a very serious baby, Emi and sometimes you can be difficult but you seem to know what you want and you remind me of your father already. For instance you do NOT want anything to do with the plastic we keep trying to shove into your mouth, not to suck on and definitely not to drink from. Unfortunately you’re going to have to get over that because mommy has to go back to work and you need to eat, my dear. What you do want is cuddled, held close to me, and I oblige you every chance I get because someday much too soon you’re going to look at me and ask to be put down, to do it, whatever it happens to be, on your own and I don’t want to regret not keeping you close when I could. So Emilia, my love, my heart, my life, know that you are loved, you are SO loved and you always will be.

Instead of Sleeping

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