My Baby Poops Velveeta

At some point, I am going to get back to posting more than once every two weeks or so. Until then, let me tell you about poop, specifically baby poop, because it’s interesting and if you have a child you know or will know that you suddenly become a poop expert.

The first few days after Emi was born I was still a bit too weak to get out of bed (the first 24 hours I wasn’t allowed unless it was to pee) so Ross handled most of the meconium poops. (In cloth diapers too, go him!) So I was spared that fun. When you breastfeed though, a good way to gauge that your child is getting enough to eat is to make sure they are making enough wet and poopy diapers. As a new mom I was concerned Emi was starving so I began watching her diapers, watching her diapers led me to researching poop. Is bright yellow normal?! Why is it green this time?! Is it supposed to be chunky?! Now that she is a bit older her poop is pretty consistantly the consitency of velveeta cheese when it’s melted, translastion, not fun to clean.

Gross, but pretty close.

After all the meconium fun, Ross didn’t really do diapers anymore untl he found out I had a few disposables around for emergencies, then I would randomly find her in said disposables. It drove me crazy because they weren’t diapers I was comfortable with, so I asked around and found a brand of diapers I was OK with (we’d need them for daycare anyway) and now we’re a multi-diaper household. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my cloth diapers and since she started pooping less I have to say I am a huge fan of prefolds and covers, they are super easy and just seem the most comfortable on her, but when her poops were more frequent I used Gdiapers instead because they contained them better.  She is a heavy wetter though and the disposables have really helped at night, allowing us all to get a little more sleep.

As for sleep, we’ve gone from this

To this…

But that’s another post entirely.

My Baby Poops Velveeta

One thought on “My Baby Poops Velveeta

  1. Wait for the diapers that are like tar. You’ll almost need a knife to get that stuff off their butts. And I didn’t even hit Sonnet’s worst diaper until about a month and a half ago. That one almost made me hurl.

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