If you have nothing PRODUCTIVE to say, SHUT UP!

“Did you ever imagine your life would be like this?” Pretty common question, we’ve all heard it at some point or another in our lives, right? Well, for me, the answer is yes. My life has unfolded exactly how I expected it to and I love it. Maybe I got a little messy along the way, maybe I ran when I should have walked, maybe I never really liked to “dip my toes” before plunging right in, but that’s me and that’s OK. (The Hub hates that I type OK with capital letters, I’m not sure why it bothers him but it makes me giggle now every time I type it.) Somehow I nabbed myself the most amazing man I could ever have dreamed of and together we’ve accomplished so much. We’ve acted on impulse, we’ve chased dreams and ambitions, we’ve made plans, changed plans, and all along the way we’ve figured things out together. Always together. So when we chose to expand our family, we didn’t do it blindly.

Emilia’s birth will be and end and a beginning for us, it will undoubtedly change our dynamic and challenge us to grow, but it won’t be the end of our lives. We will do what we’ve done for the last 8 years, we will grow, we will adapt, and we will evolve.

So, let me just say that ACTUALLY, Negative Nelly and Buzzkill Bill, I WILL sleep again, thank you, my body will not be ruined, showers will not become a thing of the past, and somehow I’ll still find time to clean my house. Yes, it will be challenging and won’t all fall into place at once, but together we’ll get there. But THANK YOU for planting seeds of terror and doubt into my already frazzled brain, THANK YOU for not showing faith in my ability to raise a child and still manage basic functions every other mother I know manages, THANK YOU for making such a wonderful thing, something we’ve waited 4 years to do, sound like the worst decision we could ever make.

C’mon, people! THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. If the first thing you want to tell me (or any other pregnant woman or expectant father) is how terrible things will be, even if you follow-up with “but worth it!”, just don’t. Tell us instead how much fun it is to make your baby smile, how much I’m going to love the smell of my baby’s skin, how a million, billion, trillion, women have had and will continue to have babies without becoming unkempt, sleep-deprived, zombie-slaves to their children. Tell us you believe in us, that you’ll be there for us, and that we will be JUST FINE. Because we will be, even if it takes us a while to get there.

If you have nothing PRODUCTIVE to say, SHUT UP!

One thought on “If you have nothing PRODUCTIVE to say, SHUT UP!

  1. Allison P. says:

    Please don’t neglect the showers. The rest is okay, but you really have to take showers. Otherwise no one will want to be near you.

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