What’s in a Name


It’s been a whole week since we saw your face and oh, how I love calling you by your name. Even inside of me I am getting an insight into who you are right now. I’m recognizing your sleep patterns and which side of my body you prefer to hang out in, I think I am even recognizing a few bouts of the hiccups. These small things reassure me that I’m equipped to be your mother, that my knowledge and instincts are already guiding me to be aware of you, to pay attention. Sometimes while you’re spinning and kicking I get a bit used to it and start to focus on other things. I feel like you can tell because as soon as that happens you give me a great big kick or roll as if to say, “Mama, I’m here, pay attention to me.” Those big movements usually illicit big laughs from me, feeling you move brings me so much happiness.

As for out here where you’ll soon be; the sun is shining, bee’s and butterflies are floating around, and spring is in the air. I love you so, little Miss.



What’s in a Name

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