Halfway There!

Update time…

20 weeks already!

So here’s what’s happened so far. I got pregnant, I puked, I lost weight, I gained it back, and then I FREAKING BLEW UP. Awesome recap, I know. As for the Babyface, progress looks a little more like “GREW AND GREW AND GREW and now kicking like crazy while growing”. I will not be surprised if in 20 weeks I give birth to a bumper car instead of a child.

The Hub saw the movement from the outside for the first time this past weekend and is now a little grossed out. Let me tell you though, baby reealllyy put on a show for Dad! Kid looked like it was trying to get out for a good half hour. Everytime I see my stomach jump it sends me into laughing fits, so it wasn’t a very productive night for the Hub’s studying, apparently kiddo is going to be a concentration vampire just like Mama. Speaking of kicking, Baby must know I am talking about him because he just started up again. I love how active the baby is but on the other hand after an hour of kicking I have to admit it gets a little uncomfortable.

Announcement! Friday (2 days from now) is our ultrasound, Baby cooperation permitted, we’ll finally be finding out the gender and I can stop referring to it as Baby, Babyface, Spawn, Hamlet, It, etc.

Halfway There!

One thought on “Halfway There!

  1. Allycat says:

    The nicknames don’t stop. Sonnet is still Babyface, Babykins, Babychild, and all those other ones more often than she is Sonnet haha.

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