Thanksgiving isn’t much of an event in my house, it’s just the Hub and I and until this year we never even had a table. Even now, we’ve only used it twice. Since my pregnant self had a craving for Thanksgiving dinner a few days before Thanksgiving, we just had left overs and watched movies, it was a lovely day. Also, we built a dog house and decorated the house, because as much as we don’t really care about Thanksgiving, we both love Christmas.

Although Thanksgiving is a holiday based off of the exploitation of Native Americans (truth time), I do want to take a minute to let you all know what I am thankful for, don’t worry it’s a short list, to the point.

My husband. He is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I can’t imagine a better husband, partner, friend, father – anything. He is the absolute perfect fit for me and because of him I am a much better woman. I love him madly.

Our baby. Love, love, love you little bean.

My family. My parents and siblings are my best friends, and I can’t imagine having it any other way. My in-laws are just as amazing and I am so lucky to be able to expand my family with such amazing and loving people.

My friends. They’ve listened to me bitch endlessly for the past two months and instead of telling me to shut my whore mouth, they love me and they encourage me to keep on chugging. Ladies, you are the best.

My life. It just pretty much rocks hardcore.


2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Kacey says:

    Holidays will become more special when you start your own traditions. And sitting at the table as a family is pretty great too. Jeremiah always has something silly to say and Kam tries to talk and make messes to make Jeremiah laugh.

  2. M says:

    We definitely have traditions, we just have our own ways of doing things. My family ALWAYS had dinner together and I loved that and will continue it with my kids, but for now we just do things our own way.

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