Dear Baby, you have toes.

Hi Baby, Mommy here. I didn’t write you last week because well, I forgot. It’s been a bit hectic around here. Your dad will tell you that I forget things most times, but he’s just being dramatic. He’s like that, you’ll learn. Not much has changed with us, the nausea is passing though, and man are you hungry! I can’t force enough food down my throat to keep my stomach full, I’m going to assume you are growing. You’re about an inch now, you definitely look human and you have toes! Perfect little toes, I hope you get your dad’s toes, because I really don’t want you to have to go through foot surgery ever.

I feel pretty good, as much as I complain people might be a little surprised by that, but I do. I’m moody, hungry, and tired and I most definitely do NOT glow, but I think all of that means you’re doing OK in there and so I’ll be OK too.

Next week we might get to hear your little heart beat, and I have never been so excited about anything in my life. Your dad and I have decided not to do excessive ultrasounds, because I think it’s better for you, but sometimes I get jealous of other people and I just want to see you! Even if you are just kind of a bean right now.

This morning, I was thinking about how curious I was as a child, and how I am going to have to explain to you things like why the grass is green and why dogs bark and why you can’t play in the dryer, because that’s the stuff I think about.

Love you more than all of the stars in the sky,


Dear Baby, you have toes.

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