Better Than Christmas

One thing I love is making lists, I also love shopping, so naturally I LOVE shopping lists. Ladies and gentlemen, baby registries are like christmas lists, all the fun of shopping but other people do it for you. YEAY. The frustrating part though is that I want to treat it like a christmas list and every cool ass thing I find goes on there. Then 99% of that gets deleted by the Hub because we don’t NEED it. Need, shmeed, look at how awesome it is!!! So I have updated the registry page with links to our registries and am slowly adding things to them. Please keep in mind that Spawn is barely even human and I can change my mind a LOT in the next 9 months, so it probably isn’t advisable to start purchasing anything yet.

Speaking of buying things…

I originally said I wanted to be surprised by Spawn’s sex, but I think I changed my mind because HELLO, I hate surprises more than anything and have no patience or self-control. Also, I want to decorate accordingly. I know, gender shouldn’t matter and we shouldn’t force our children into pre-defined stereo-types, blah, blah, blah, but I love pink and I love blue and I love love love decorating. I am going to start working on a mood board for the nursery, working around the crib set my sister gave me, which is Winnie the Pooh. I have shared a previous mood board for our bedroom, and it was a super fun and organized way for me to put my thoughts together.

What I am most interested in is art, and creating a beautiful, but also safe and functional room for the baby, so I am going to try to incorporate toys and other baby safe things at lower levels in the room, and art and design for aesthetics, higher.


Something like this, for example; simple, fun, and safe for a curious, growing child.


Let the fun begin.

Better Than Christmas

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