It Gets Better

There have been 4 teen suicides in the last 3 weeks. All 4 teens were gay, and all were bullied. This subject isn’t easy for me to write about, but their stories are easy for me to understand.

Bullying is out of control and I don’t understand why. Are parents so hateful? Are children really so mean? Does no one honestly see it? I was aggressively bullied in middle school, enough so that I changed schools because I couldn’t take it. It changed me from a bubbly, out spoken and out going little girl, to a scared, angry, and unsure young woman. It shaped who I am and it almost killed me. I take bullying personally, and I think everyone should.

There is no way their teachers didn’t notice this, no way their friends weren’t aware so why did no one step in? Please, as a parent or a teacher or a friend, do NOT be afraid to say something, to intervene, to just be there for someone you know is having a hard time. It isn’t the child’s duty to “handle it” because no child knows how to effectively deal with such an agonizing situation as hatred, jealousy and fear. When people hate you for reasons you can’t understand the first thing you do is blame yourself, and when you can’t figure out how to change it ending it becomes the next best option.

I can’t eloquently write a post like this, sitting at the other end in tears over feelings that I still can’t reconcile, so I’ll end with a plea.

HELP EACH OTHER. Take a stand against what you see and what you really can control. Parents, talk to your children, listen to their fears and their problems and do what you can to help them, please don’t just leave them to fend for themselves. Teens, IT WILL END. You will walk away from it a whole person and life will change and go on. You don’t have to do it alone. If you are thinking about hurting yourself, if you just need someone to talk to there are many hotlines out there just for you. It WILL get better and it isn’t your fault.

It Gets Better

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