My Droid Enables My Pregnancy Addiction

I currently have three pregnancy-related apps on my phone. I wanted to show you this so I had to google “how to get screenshots of your droid” to learn how and apparently it’s not a simple app and it involved a guide and YouTube video. BECAUSE DROID USERS ARE SMART NERDS AND ENJOY A CHALLENGE, MOTHER FUCKER. Anyway, so apparently it was WAY more steps than I was willing to take. Droid Developers, if you’re reading this, get on that shit. I am tired of gloating, hipster iPhone users. Thanks. Ahem… where was I?

Oh yeah, preggo apps.

I have one called My Days which is more of a family planning/period tracker calendar tool. It has so many awesome features that really help when you have no idea how to do that shit. You can set your cycle, input when it begins and ends, keep track of when you had sex, make notes, it’s very comprehensive. Awesome fact I didn’t know until I started writing this blog, it was developed by a guy who promised his wife to develop something awesome for her to use on her android phone. Awww factor = 10


Mom 2 Be is a countdown app/widget that calculates from your estimated conception date, gives you an estimated due date (I am not a big fan of due dates people, too many look at it as an expiration date when it’s nothing more than an ESTIMATE.) your pregnancy age, time remaining, approximate weight, length, and expected zodiac sign. It has a “tips” section that tells you a little about what happens during the week your on and a journal feature so you can make notes. It also has a widget that gives you a quick view of progress. I like it because it’s small and concise.


My favorite though, has to be Pregnancy Assistant. This app and widget will count from your expected due date or from the first day of your last period using an estimation for the average ovulation according to your cycle. It has two categories, Your Child and Your Pregnancy and gives all of the average estimations, tips, details, count downs and dates, but also pictures, on the app and the widget. For some reason, that makes me like it most.


Unrelated… I can’t stand people who bitch about the word preggo. It’s easier to say and type when you are constantly talking about pregnancy. Like you smug bastards don’t use short or slang versions of words, assholes.

I think the best way to find good apps is by word of mouth, so do any of you guys have apps that you love? They don’t have to be pregnancy related, either. Here’s my top 5 for you.

1. FxCamera (Video Review)

2. Slacker

3. Twitter

4. WordPress

5. ShapeWriter

My Droid Enables My Pregnancy Addiction

4 thoughts on “My Droid Enables My Pregnancy Addiction

  1. Allycat says:

    Preggo makes me think of icky spaghetti sauce. And when you’re a visual learner, connecting that image with something in your uterus isn’t fun.

  2. I still hate the sound of preggo and preggers. It’s like “panties”–the sound just irritates me.

    My two pregnancy-related iPhone apps are FMC (Free Menstrual Calendar) which does all the same things it sounds like your calendar app does and the app from What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

    I find the WTE app both helpful and annoying; sometimes the tone of the tips and explanations are condescending. But it does make keeping track of the pregnancy fun and easy. Today I am 25 weeks and 5 days, which (even though the pregnancy is 2/3 over) is still second trimester. 14 weeks and 2 days till that due date (even though we all know how unlikely it is that baby comes on that day). Baby is approximately the size of an average eggplant–9.2 inches, 2 lb.

    I like that there’s a weekly explanation of what to expect; this week I’m warned that my navel will start to pop out soon (though it hasn’t yet warned me that this can lead to skin irritation) and advised that baby’s eyes should start opening this week, so we can start shining a flashlight through my skin, which we immediately did, of course–the baby kicks sometimes when we do that. And there are daily tips & advice (some for the dad); these are the ones that sometimes cause vicious eye-rolling–a lot of them seem to be regarding weight.

    My other favorite apps are: IndieBound, an independent booksellers organization–I keep my wishlist on this app; WootWatch, ’cause I love; and SuperFlood, a totally addictive game.

    1. M says:

      Panties, ha! I think I am just tired of women ganging up on each other for stupid shit in general. Ok, you don’t like the word, that’s fine but why call someone out for it or feel the need to make them feel insecure? Jerks. I love woot too, I am going to look for an android woot app. I like that the WTE also includes dads, that’s important to me. Thanks for sharing!

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