Fate is my BFF

I totally believe in fate, if for no other reason than how I met my husband and how our relationship evolved over the years. He doesn’t agree, but I am a super, sappy romantic and he’s a dickwad, true story. In my opinion, fate has made two of the most major decisions of my life so far, my husband and my midwife.

Other things that got my life to where it is RIGHT NOW:

  • My best frienemy
  • Myspace (gross, I know.)
  • Yahoo chat with webcam (hahahahahaha)
  • The band Say Anything
  • Strawberry wine and brownies
  • Facebook

The first led me to my husband and the last led me to my midwife. I was looking for midwives in my area and she happened to post on a mutual friends page so I contacted her with some questions. We “friended” and I sent her a beautiful video of a home birth shot by Ryan of Pacing the Panic Room to which she replied with only one critique, the same issue I had. I told my husband, “So I’ve been talking to this woman who is a midwife and I think she is the one.” I think I was already decided before we had our consultation, but I tried to play it cool. Sometimes you just connect with someone, and something about her makes me feel at ease, which is kind of rare for me.

Not only is she smart and beautiful and sassy (sass is an important quality I look for in people) but she is kind and understanding and patient. (Girl crush much?) Not one time has she made me feel like a crazy or stupid woman (as many doctors have) and although I don’t always agree with her I respect her opinions and stances. I don’t like many people (I am an asshole) but when I do it’s kind of instant.

I haven’t posted much about how or why I am choosing to give birth but I think it’s a little obvious the route I am going. It doesn’t much matter WHY I chose my path other than that it is what makes me most comfortable and I trust the people I surround myself with to support and encourage me because they always have and always will. I am not trying to convince anyone to do what I am doing, or to think anyone gets a gold star for the birth they choose. In the end we all expel a tiny human from our bodies, and we’re probably all going to grunt and moan and maybe even poop, but it definitely isn’t about being macho or a martyr. I hate pain, a lot. BUT, I do try to convince women to listen to their heart, gut, body, and do what THEY trust, what makes them comfortable, because that is what is important.

Wow, tangent much? So back to fate, whatever you believe we all have moments where we just kind of stop and go “WHOA!” I just tend to give credit where credit is due.

Fate is my BFF

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