I Trust the Internet WAY Too Much

I took my first pregnancy test this morning, because the internet said it MIGHT be able to tell me .


To be fair, it did say might and it tried to sell me preggo tests, so I probably should have been a little wary of it. (I love BabyHopes.com and it has pretty much been my go-to website since we started TTC.) So much too early I got out of bed, grabbed my pee cup (TG for tuberware) and my pregnancy tests, read the directions and did all the things they tell you to do at the doctor before they ask you to pee in a cup. Four drops of pee and 2 minutes later, no line. 10 minutes…still no line. I peed all over my hand for no reason! Boo. 

It’s ok though, I have NO idea what my cycle length is or when to expect my P-word, so I’ve decided no blood, no tears.

On the plus side, my midwife saved my ass tons of money by recommending I go to the dollar store for preggo tests, and after checking the brand out on PeeOnAStick.com I saved at least $40 and granted myself the ability to justify taking as many as I want. Hub doesn’t agree, and per our agreement that I may have tweaked just a little bit, I now have to wait 1 week before I take another.

This is the preggo test from The Dollar Tree

And this is what I am using for a pee cup

I just felt like you needed visuals.

I Trust the Internet WAY Too Much

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