Birthday Presents

My birthday is in slightly more than a month and I think I know what I want.

I don’t want to be a photographer. Well, that isn’t true, EVERYONE wants to be a photographer but I don’t really have the “eye” for great shots and I have no desire to really put the effort forth. While I don’t care about taking the pictures, I really LOVE editing them. So since Hub never stops talking about all of his hobbies and how much they make him love life, I am thinking I should get one too.

Enter Photoshop. Now, I know I want Photoshop, but I am not sure what I want or need and what version will fulfill those requirements. I am no Pioneer Woman, but I would like to be able to take pictures of my family that are picture frame worthy, especially when Baby comes.

Now enter baby budget and the absolutely RIDICULOUS prices of computer software. ARE YOU MOTHER TRUCKING KIDDING ME?! The prices for these computer programs are RIDICULOUS, holy Jesus. Take for example, the latest version of Photoshop, CS5.  

Adobe Photoshop CS5


Now that is just absurd. I could re-do my bedroom with a smaller budget than that, absurd. So I asked my photographer friends for their opinions and they suggested I go with Adobe Photoshop Elements. Apparently, it’s Photoshop for cheap, beginners like me.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8



I’m also going to need one of these

Any suggestions?

Birthday Presents

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