WTF is a Mood Board?!

The Hub and I have been talking about finally re-doing our bedroom, and after much debate (and fate’s intervention with an orange trash can) we finally settled on a color we both agree on. That’s big since about the only colors we both like are gray and brown and I have already made it know that I will not live in a giant turd.

This is the mood board I was inspired to make thanks to Young House Love. If you like design, you will LOVE this couple’s blog. The Hub needs visual aid to make decisions like this, so this helps him and I stay on the same track. I haven’t run this by him yet, so we’ll see how he likes it. I didn’t realize how much asian influence it had until I was finished making it, but it makes a lot of sense given our mutual love for simple, minimal living spaces.

1. The colors I chose are from Behr: Fireglow for the main, Wine Barrel for the accent wall, and Blushing Apricot for the ceiling. The Hub and I LOVE rich, earthy colors and I think this look incorporates both of our taste and style nicely.

2. IKEA MALM bed ($249) will set the mood of the room with it’s very modern design.

3. IKEA MALM night stand x2 ($50 each) to match the bed and hold our things, we have lots of things.

4. Tangerine Orange Bamboo Rug ($38) for a bright accent in the room. I love the bright color and the bamboo keeps the modern vibe going.

5. This Gyoza floor lamp from Target ($130) is a great, soft-light modern looking lamp that would complement the boldness of the room nicely.

6. This is a DIY project I am going to do on a cheap, full-length mirror from Wal Mart with paint and stencils. The quote is a pretty accurate representation of everything I need to do in life.

What do you guys think? ‘Too perpetual sunset’ or does it match the warm-and-cozy-yet-still-modern look I am going for? Extra points for group participation.

WTF is a Mood Board?!

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