Daddy’s Girl

It’s no secret that Ross and I are hoping for a boy, first time around. Of course our main priority is a healthy, happy baby, but I think people lie when they say they don’t have even a slight preference for a sex. I want a boy first, because I loved having an older brother to protect me (more in hindsight than I actually realized at the time) someone who’s name other boys feared, who would offer to smash whoever face was the reason for my tears, who told me to go put some damn clothes on. I also can’t even express how extremely proud of I am of my brother, we’ve come a long way from punching out windows and throwing knives… no wonder my father is bald.

Then I see pictures like this


And this


And I know I really would be just as happy to hear “It’s a girl”.

Many say I married my father, and it’s true in a lot of ways. I found an absolutely incredible man who holds the characteristics that I most admire in my father, and so many more of his own that I am in awe of.  I know he is going to be an incredible father, to a boy OR a girl, because he is an incredible person in general.

Father’s are the ones who teach their daughters that men should open doors for them, should tell them they always look beautiful, should laugh at their bad jokes and treat their creative endeavors like the Mona Lisa. They give us an example of what we want (or even don’t want) in and from the men we choose. I am strong because I know I will always be loved and supported by at least one person (luckily enough I feel the same way about the entire rest of my family) and that no matter what happens, I can always count on my dad. That’s what I looked for and found in my husband, and his children will benefit so much from him.

Even though I am extremely close to both of my parents, there is just something about a father-daughter relationship that can’t be rivaled. Some women are envious of this bond, or threatened by it, but it’s the most important experience I want the Hub to have in his lifetime. I always tell him, “If you think you love me, just wait until you have a daughter.”

Daddy’s Girl

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