I Thought I Was Coping

There will be no mushy stuff or crying, so please bear with me past the next few sentences. Maybe even skip to the next paragraph if that helps you. So, I am a huge ball of emotion right now, got to love hormones, because my body is totes not sure what to do without artificial ones. Besides feeling like my body has NO IDEA how to react to being off of birth control, my best friend is going to Afghanistan in just a few days and after a stormy night (figuratively) and less than 5 hours of sleep I have been on the edge of tears all day. (See, EDGE OF, no actual tears here people.) Not so fun, thanks.

My amazing friend Whitney sent me a text message of the reasons she respected me and while it all made me feel absolutely amazing and love her even more, it also made me realize I must put up one hell of a front.

After just two weeks of my ridiculous work-school-gym schedule, I realized I wore two DIFFERENT shoes to the gym. Yeah, two different shoes on leg day can really throw a girl off. And here I really thought I was coping…

Another sure-fire give away that I wasn’t doing as well as I thought? Blog neglect. Sorry, but I can’t blog when I have nothing to blog about. Plus, you want to be entertained and it’s not easy for me to turn my extremely boring (although amazing to me) life into an exciting adventure for you to care about. I try, but most of the time I fail.

Luckily, because of a degree change I was able to drop 3 of my classes because they wouldn’t count towards my degree anyway and hopefully get my butt back on track with online classes and dreaded CLEP tests. Ew. ENOUGH about that.

So onto the important things, what term do you guys prefer? Spawning or reproducing? Myself? (Like how I ask myself questions for you?) I like spawning, because from it comes the word spawn which is how I lovingly refer to the fetus we are trying to make. Come on little Maximus, show us how badass you really are.

I Thought I Was Coping

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