His Fears

Today you can laugh, tomorrow I’ll share mine.

This is an actual conversation between me and the Hub. I told him if he still doesn’t want to catch the baby when it is time, that I’d like to try because I want one of us to be the first touch the baby feels. The following is WORD for WORD his reaction.

Hub: “It’ll be all slippery and I might drop it!”

“I drop the soap all of the time, if only we could get like soap on a rope, baby on a rope.”

M: “It is on a rope, it’s called the umbilical cord.”

Hub: “If it drops, can you grab the rope?”

M: “No, that would be the equivalent of you choking it.”

Hub: “Then that defeats the purpose of putting the baby on a rope.”

M: “Can I put this on my blog?”

Hub: “…I don’t care.”

*Really, honestly, he does not care.*

M: “It’s hilarious, I need to share it.”

Hub: “I don’t mind, the rest of the world can read it. They might understand, based on how slippery things are…like turkeys and soap. Or they might just laugh…”

I hope you are laughing, because I am practically peeing myself.

His Fears

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