To Do, Done.

When I first started this blog I had made a list of things I needed to get taken care of and today I am going to update everyone on the status of that list.

  1. Find an OB – Check (sort of)

After much research, debate, and pleading, the Hub and I have decided to go with a midwife and have a home birth. GASP! She is beautiful and charming and knowledgeable and I think we both feel very comfortable with her.

On the home birth decision: No, I am not crazy or really even that granola, it’s simply the best option for us. You may feel differently, and that is OK. Yes, it’s going to hurt, I understand that. I also realize it’s going to be hard and quite possibly very scary and that’s OK too. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.

  1. Estimate cost of Dr. trips for duration of pregnancy

No longer need to do, all financial woes have been sorted out and dealt with. Another awesome aspect of a midwife: knowing what to expect. Seriously, expect a “Why Midwives Rock my World” post sometime in the near future. It’s a secret that you all really need to know.

  1. Price out child care options

Done. We’ve decided to go with the CDC on base. (GASP! Again!) I know I said I didn’t want to send my child to daycare, but sometimes a person puts her foot in her mouth. It’s the most affordable option, and being a government facility I have a little more faith in it than some random lady who has a certificate in CPR. So do I, but believe me, you don’t want me to be the only person around if you start to die.  I also know that I can put my child on the waiting list (pre-birth) and have a very high likelihood of her getting in as soon as I need. I am a slight bit frustrated with the limited options I have in my town, but that’s another story for another time.

  1. Research and set maternity clothing budget

Well, my goal here is not to buy much of anything new, to find as much used as I can. I have a few stretchy tops and such that I am hoping to be able to get by for a few months and maybe borrow from friends. Donations are welcome, though I am not sure how maternity sizing works. Does anyone know if there are like maternity clothes exchange shops? I mean, it just sounds like it’d be a good idea.

Little did I know, costs which I thought were pretty low before were unnecessary. I slightly deluded myself into thinking that even though my brother and sister have 4 kids under the age of 3, I should buy everything new. I realize that it was stupid and I think we’ll be able to ship everything they have for me for MUCH less than even the cost of the crib I wanted. Hey, don’t judge, at least I decided it BEFORE I spent all the money on new things.

I love the big, fat check marks I have mentally scribbled across this list, mostly to spite everyone who told me I couldn’t ”prepare” for this. Ha Ha Ha. IN YOUR FACE. But I still love you, I just also love being right.

To Do, Done.

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