Label, Rinse, Repeat

I really crave organization. I WANT everything to have a place and to be in it, but that is so not the case with my home. Firstly, places are sort of expensive. Like really, google “organizational units” well SCRATCH that because it doesn’t give you the result I expected. Google “organization” and THERE IS A FUCKING STORE FOR THAT SHIT. Heaven? I think so. Hub, Hub disagrees. Hub doesn’t understand though, because why does he need to be organized when I am the magical “know where everything is” genie? Yeah, Hub, YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

(I am having a reeallly hard time finishing this post and not just browsing the container store for the rest of the day. They have an entire section dedicated to cosmetics storage!)

WOW I have 88 messages in my inbox!

^^^THAT right UP THERE^^^ is why my house isn’t organized. I am so easily distracted it’s almost comical.

Last night the Hub and I went to walmart for eggs, milk and toilet paper. We left with 20 small plastic containers, Cheerios, and sponges as well. Yeah, new rule: M doesn’t go to the store. Bright colors make me feel like I need things. WHAT IN THE HELL DID I START THIS POST ABOUT?!

Organization. I love labels, I love specifically designated spaces and bins and baskets and shelves, I love lists and color coding, but my house is a bomb of half-finished attempts. It’s a total testament to my distracted mind. People like to spew tips and tricks at you all day long, but the reality of the situation is, unless you care enough to take control of your quirks, they will continue.

I have a lot of shoes from my shoe crazy high school days, and I have always struggled with storing them in a way that made them easily accessible and organized. I saw a celebrity’s closet and all of her shoes were in plastic storage bins and stacked neatly on top of each other and I thought, “Ah ha!” Ah, ha in deed. Do you know how much small plastic containers cost? More than I was willing to pay, until last night. Last night by (guiltily) spending $20 on 20 containers, I was able to tackle the shoe bomb that had exploded on my bedroom floor a couple of months ago. I have no before pictures, as I find myself constantly wondering WHY people would show their house when it looks terrible, but here is my after picture of my closet.

It’s like I can now breathe easier, and it’s inspired me to start fall cleaning. Out with the old, the unused, the clutter, the ALMOST EMPTY LOTION BOTTLES HUB NEVER WANTS TO THROW AWAY! Except, not in with the new, you can’t de-clutter by introducing more. I am done with it.

I need to purge, and so does he.

Label, Rinse, Repeat

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