Ten Things

1. During non-working hours my phone means nothing to me, but during work I am adrift on a lonely ocean of loss and loneliness without.

I know, pathetic, but true.

2. I start conversations like we were already in the middle of one, “Hi, how are you?” is awkward to me.

3. My tattoo randomly feels like an intense bee sting.

4. I have dog perfume, it’s essential for inside animals, even cats. No matter how many baths you give a dog, even with strawberry scented shampoo, they will ALWAYS smell like wet dog.

5. The Hub sometimes smells like wet dog too. He won’t let me spray him with the dog perfume. Stinky. 

6. Procrastination OWNS me, but I am working on it.

7. I am anxious and a tiny bit scared at how hugely my life will be effected by this coming fall semester, and not at all scared about how my life will be completely changed by a baby. I wonder what that means about me.

8. I bought 99.9% of my wardrobe when I was 110lbs, I am now 130lbs and everything hurts, hugs, or bulges.

9. This “10 Things” list is actually proving harder to write than I thought it would be.

10. I am about to have a puppy in my life and I am very happy about that, there are never enough puppies in my life.

Thanks for listening. XO

Ten Things

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