Story Time

Before my family moved to the middle of a corn field we lived in a decent sized city. In the only house I remember living in there I was given a little pink radio and the only station I could get to come in was the classical station, and I fell in love. My family thought I was weird, in fact, they still ask me “Remember that little pink radio that you’d listen to classical music on?” I loved that radio and I remember that the station told stories and incorporated music into them, my favorite was Peter Rabbit. I don’t remember if I had the book myself or if I created that part of the memory later, but I can hear the voice and see that little Rabbit in his overalls, stealing the farmer’s carrots in my head even now.

Thus, I LOVE reading and I love music. I can get lost in books for hours, days, even weeks and forget that the world I am reading about isn’t real. The characters, the emotion, everything grips me and I love it. Like wise with music.

I don’t remember much about my child hood, but what I do remember usually involves books, or me playing alone. I wasn’t a lonely child, but I was very self-sufficient and I had a big imagination. I know that I want my child to read, to paint, to build, to create, and to imagine the impossible and I hope to help and influence his or her creativity, starting with books and music. The first book I remember in my life was a beautifully illustrated children’s bible. My parents weren’t very religious back then but I remember adoring the vivid and colorful photos, they were absolutely astounding.

So how about you? Any favorite books as a child, or books you love now that you’d suggest? Stories you or your kids can’t hear often enough? Music that calms your children, or even excites  them enough to dance? What do you remember most from childhood that you couldn’t or can’t wait to share with your children?

Story Time

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