I am not a hippie. Yes I recycle, I check labels on the chemicals I use in my home, and I even make a half-ass attempt at compositing, but in my opinion, I am simply an informed person who takes responsibility. I simply want to know what I am exposing myself to, what I put into my body and my family’s, and the impact that I have on the world I live in. I want to be smarter, choose wiser, and have more control over my life. I don’t think that doctors are evil, that vaccines are unnecessary, or that my choices are better than anyone else’s, I simply have my own opinions on things and I reserve the right to make the decisions I am most comfortable with. I also feel I deserve the right to not be judged, but I think that’s a bit too much to ask from society.

Here are a few of my stand points, agree or disagree, this is simply my prerogative:

  • Modern medicine saves lives, plain and simple. Knowledge is power and even midwives have degrees.


  • I was born to procreate, born to carry and birth children, born to handle the pain, the fears and the triumphs.


  • I have small hips.


  • Some babies have BIG heads.


  • Wearing a pad for a week while menstruating irritates the hell out of my skin, I’d simply feel BAD for forcing that onto my child’s bottom for years.


  • Cloth diapers are cheaper, more economical, and better for a child’s skin.


  • Vaccines save lives, and this new vaccine free craze feels like such a selfish thing to me. Like those parents are piggy-backing off of the responsibility of others, and most of them agree.


  • My newborn child does not need to be stuck with needles or taken away for tests after just opening his or her eyes.


  • I want to hold my baby, to lie in bed with my husband and our child and nurse and cry and sleep and bond, privately, and at our own pace. I also want my husband and I to be the first to bathe her, as silly as it sounds.


  • I want respect, understanding and guidance from those around me, not orders and decisions I have no say in.


Maybe it’s hard to see in those bullet points, but I am conflicted. So far I only see two categories, and I don’t know where I fit in. I don’t distrust the system, but I don’t feel its right for me. I thought I was a normal, modern day woman, with opinions and questions and the ability to voice them but I feel like I am being shoved into this box labeled “unconventional” and it bothers me.


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