Simple Living

In an effort to avoid baby thoughts, I have been avoiding this blog. I am sorry, but it is seriously getting to be too much for MY brain to handle, so I can’t imagine how poor Hub must be feeling. I am trying not to abandon this, but I am probably going to take a break from actually discussing baby things for a little while.

On a non-baby related note, this summer has been the most eventful summer of our marriage, (two trips, so that isn’t saying a lot) and it has been so nice to just be able to go do things and unwind. I have already blogged about the river trip here but I promised pictures so here they are. So last weekend we decided to go camping with a couple-friend of ours (is it bad to categorize them that way? Am I too Marshall and Lily right now?) and their adorable, little boy, Tank. Yes, Tank is his birth given name, it’s awesome. (I really thought this was going to be non-baby related but as you can see, BABIES CONSUME MY LIFE!) We brought the dogs, they brought some jet ski’s and we all had a great time. I was so impressed and pleased at how well the dogs handled Tank, they were gentle and patient and everything you want to see from a well-raised animal that could easily chomp the tot in half. He kicked them, took their food, sprayed them with water, and used them as a road for his toy cars and they ate it up, Rocco especially couldn’t get enough. (Ares may have occasionally hid under the picnic table) Tank himself was pretty impressive too, he was so happy and laid back and he made me look forward to having kids even more because he was just so…content. Ross now wants a jet ski and needs new sunglasses and I want an RV even worse than I did before we went camping, actually,  just a portable potty and shower would work. It was so nice to be around a different type of people, a calmer atmosphere, and Ross had plenty of male companionship which had to be a nice change of pace for him. I definitely hope there are a lot more trips like this one in our future.

You can find camping pictures here, along with some from a hike we took earlier in the month. (They are pretty badly edited, sorry my home computer is broken so I have to make do)  

My favorites from the batch:

Lake Isabella from Paradise Cove

Jet Ski on Lake Isabella

 Short rain storm when we got to the lake

Simple Living

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