Without a Paddle

It has been 9 days since my last post, I am really struggling with posting frequently, as I don’t have much to report on the baby side of things. Not much on the life side of things either, but I am trying.

Saturday, Ross and I and a group of friends drove out to Bishop to tube Owen’s River. It was a rocky start (Thanks for informing me of the time and place change, Ladies! ;)) but eventually we made it to the river around 1.

From our house to where we got into the river = 2.5 hours. Not exactly a surprise, though.

The river. (I don’t know exactly where we came out at, it was 3 miles from Line St.)

Ross and I bought the River Run II with a built-in cooler which was *AWESOME* and totally worth the money. Not only was it extremely comfortable and convenient but it held up against all the reeds, logs, and thorns we encountered as we played bumper tubing with the river bank. If you get this tube, BUY A PUMP. We would have been screwed without the one our friends happened to buy on the way.  Everyone got their tubes inflated and we started to get in the water. Ali, Ross and I were in the river with our tubes, holding onto two empty tubes waiting for the other girls to get in them, when somehow we broke free and started floating down the river with the two empty tubes, and the two girls stranded on the bank. Mind you, the current wasn’t so strong it was dangerous, but it was strong enough to keep Ross in the exact same spot while he tried to swim against it, so going back wasn’t an option. We ended up getting close enough to the bank that I was able to  jump out and hold us there while the other two doubled up and floated down to us. *Kudos to Ali for keeping hold of the empty tubes and the bank, she’s a beast.* The entire way down the river was filled with laughing, shouting and losing and gaining members of our small convoy, it was definitely a blast. If you don’t have a companion to purchase the River Run II, I definitely suggest the River Rat tube, Whittney’s got caught on a log and she stayed in it for a minute or two before abandoning ship and it didn’t even tear. It is definitely a sturdy tube. (Though, if you are looking for a larger size or more comfort, the River Run I looks awesome; and since all three are made by the same company (Intex), I bet it’s just as sturdy.) So 3-hour-river-ride short, we all got varying degrees of drunk and had a blast.

One thing I was surprised about was how much the trip costed us. Granted, a lot of the purchases are one time affairs, such as the raft and our bathing suits , I definitely think next time we’ll pack more food and not eat out. (Damn sushi)  My goal is to keep day trips like these down to $50 (not including gas) or lower so that we can do them more often.

Here are some tips I used and/or have realized will help cut down on costs and time:

  • Make sure you have everything you need the day before, don’t wait until the last-minute, because something will always come up.
  • Contact the people you are going with the night before to make sure you have all the same time and place info, just in case of last-minute changes.
  • Bring a cooler or two and pack them well with food and water. *If you have a raft with a built-in cooler grab a small bag of ice on your way there, just make sure there is room for it in your big cooler, and have water and food for when you are done.*

As soon as we get the pictures developed, I’ll put them up. Not sure how well they will come out, I was a tad bit intoxicated. 🙂

Without a Paddle

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