Pawprints, Pacifiers, and…Pavers?

As I previously mentioned, I have decided I want to landscape the backyard before Baby, and let me tell you, I am already regretting that decision.

So before I divulge all my design ideas, I’d like to get a little feedback, especially from you desert folk who know and understand the limitations of such an unforgiving climate.

How do you feel about rocks, lots of rocks, tons and tons of rocks (literally), instead of grass or mulch? Think Phoenix landscaping, and if you don’t know what I am talking about, google desert landscaping and you will see rocks out the wazoo. Wazu?

Anyone have any pet proofing ideas? We have two large, hyper, fast-as-a-bunny-rabbit, dogs who will be dragging, mixing, and probably chewing on anything we put in the backyard. I need ideas to combat this, because the Hub is just not having any planning unless it’s been well thought out and dog proofed.

Do you think large, concrete pieces (fire pit, benches, etc) will attract or repel buyers in the long run? Half of me thinks it depends on how well the stuff is done, half of me just thinks about all the work it would be to remove or change things.  Should I not worry so much about resale value and just do what I think will look good?

What are areas you believe should NEVER be skimped on? Pavers? Plants? Hiring Labor? (Please, oh please, give me a good reason for the last one, Hub just LOVES to make me do an honest days work.)

Alright now, tips and tricks in general are appreciated, and sometime this week I will sit down and put all of my ideas into the HGTV program and post my preliminary plans for y’all to disect.

Pawprints, Pacifiers, and…Pavers?

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