Summer Vacation

So I have been MIA for a while, and I am guessing some of you might have thought the baby planning excitement was dieing down, but luckily for you that is SO not the case! Last week was my last week of classed for the spring semester so I was pretty busy trying to play catch up for the 14 weeks of work I didn’t do. I repeat, it took me 3 days to finish 13 WEEKS of work, 16 week semesters are most definitely unnecessary. I am proud to say that I finished with an A and two B’s.

What does that have to do with Baby? Well, I admit, I was a little intimidated thinking about going to school, working and having a baby to take care of but after last week I am now sure I’ll be able to handle it just fine; all I have to do is stop procrastinating, which is easier said than done.

Now onto my summer vacation, here is what I have planned:
Clean the House
Kill lots of zombies with the hub
Find a new TV show addiction

Short list right? That’s because my summer vacation lasted from Sunday, May 16 through Sunday, May 23. (And most of that time I was waiting for my imcompitent professors to post my damn grades!) Summer term starts May 24th, which is today! So yeah, if you go to school full time and actually get summer vacations, I envy you. I already feel like this term is going to suck because neither of my classes are “open” yet, I have to do my job on time so it PISSES ME OFF when my teachers don’t do theirs. Open the damn class so I can see exactly how much I am going to hate my life.

Enough ranting, my next post will be all about the landscaping renovations I want to get done before we have Baby, and I am going to need LOTS of input.

Summer Vacation

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