Child Care Woes

I just want to start this off with WOW! For a few days my stats were in the double digits, I couldn’t believe when I hit 44 views and that wasn’t even because of Facebook! Granted, my last post only garnered 8 views, but at least my family loves me enough to keep reading. Did you know that “at least” is two words people? Because I don’t think many people know that. Good Lord, it is hot in my office…

I am sure this entry had a purpose when I started it…hmmm

I was thinking about child care today, and how badly I don’t want to send my kids to day care. Before anyone get’s offended, day care is fine, I don’t necessarily have anything against it, I just don’t want to send my kid there. Also, the “cost based on your income” pisses me off. You are giving my kids the exact same care but charging me more? Eff that. I’d rather them be in my own home with one on one care, and to be paying for what I get, not to cover other’s costs. I don’t want to deal with pink eye scares, constant colds, and wondering what exactly my child is doing, with whom and when during the day, I am a control freak and I want my kid in my home.

So I have been doing some research into it and there is SO MUCH info to sort through and figure out what is or isn’t relevant. Just take a gander at this and I promise your head will start spinning fast. Lord, help me, I am sure going to need it.

Any moms out there reading this? Two-cents welcome

Child Care Woes

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