M and the Hub here, chronicling our progression from newly weds to parents! Since July 20th, 2007 our family has consisted of just the two of us and the most badass cat ever, Fizzgig. Of course, Kitty, Rocco, and Ares, (our other four-legged children) have joined us along the way. Always the baby crazy one, I (M) have been dreaming (literally) of babies for as long as I can remember but about a month ago, the Hub finally had my dream (again, literally). Of course, being Hub, he decided to spring this news on me in the middle of Walmart while looking at kiddie pools. (We live in the desert y’all, kiddie pools are the barest necessity in the summer.) Being the obsessive person that I am, I have been planning, listing, researching, and annoying friends and family ever since. I mean, can you blame me? A BABY!!! A REAL LIVE MINI HUMAN!!!! I can. not .wait. and this blog is how I am going to cope with the long waiting process we are surely in for, thanks to the Hub’s responsible nature.

As most of you know, (because of the 10 readers I will get, 8 of you will almost certainly be family members) our families live far, far away and I got the idea for this blog as I mulled over how on earth I was going to have a baby shower with most of my friends and all of my family 2,000 miles away. I googled “virtual baby shower” and found some hope! Since I am cheap and will not pay for a site to host it, I decided to take inspiration from the idea and be self-sufficient. To the right you will find links to the many pages I have included, (a journal, a photo album, a guest book, etc) all small ways to keep everyone in the loop and unleash all of my pent-up baby neurosis.

So here I am (and hopefully I can get the Hub to guest blog once in a while) and beware because I have skipped right over obsessed and dove right into all kinds of crazy.

Here we go, let’s make a baby!


One thought on “Hello!

  1. Shell says:

    I think that is great ! You guys will make great parents, from what I can tell cause you moved so damn far away! lol It just sucks that your kids and Danielle’s will be so far away! Well good luck in the process you crazy girl!

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